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Last time on Pokemon Omega Ruby we met Team Aqua, an Abba-inspired peppy eurodance group famed for songs like "Cartoon Heroes" ... Wait no I'm sorry this is a gang of weirdos cosplaying men/women of the sea who want to flood the planet. A very easy mistake to make.

Anyway they showed up to stop Team Magma and Brendan showed up to stop Team Magma and Lime showed up to stop Team Magma but somehow Team Magma didn't get stopped. Is it in fact possible that Team Magma is more competent than two teenagers and a group of Danish music pirates led by a community college swim instructor?
THE ANSWER AWAITS underneath the cut. )
NEXT TIME: ... Let's go home, shall we?

Hawkequisition Progress

Jul. 26th, 2017 11:02 am
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Still fiddling with my Hawkequisition game. The Hawke hair and swipe mods have let me make a passable iconic Hawke, but something's off. Trying to RP as Hawke is uphill because the Inquisitor's facial expressions are A) very Inquisitor to me, obviously, having played the game a lot and B) kind of weird in general, C) and therefore not very Hawkish. This is probably going to be for screenshots only if I can get it set up to my satisfaction. I will gladly take any suggestions on the CC.

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Tired Cullen and Hawkequisitor are reunited for the first time since the Kirkwall Rebellion. I'm not sure why she's wearing that, she's supposed to be wearing templar plate but it only manifests in the CC.

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And here's Tawny Curly Cullen with waves and the matching complexion. I like Curls on principle but the mesh makes DAI's hair weirdness stand out even more and without a decent complexion match, IDK. I tried Original Recipe again and still couldn't get it to work.
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Last time we walked around a shopping mall/apartment building and I discovered my pun game is nowhere near as clever as I thought it was. I briefly considered retiring in deepest shame to a far-off island and becoming a hermit, but y'know I'm already set up to blog about Pokemon on the internet so I guess I'll just keep rolling with that.
It's a good option. )
So next time, we might actually get up that mountain I've been talking up! STAY TUNED.

52 IN 52: Sonic Generations cleared

Jul. 25th, 2017 05:00 pm
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Never before have I had an experience almost ruined by a single awful segment. It only stands to reason that it would come from a Sonic game.

For 95% of the game, Sonic Generations is fun, enjoyable, and even if it's not perfect, it's close enough that you can excuse the occasional physics bugs or jaunts into bottomless pits. The remaining 5% is the final boss.

The final boss is a culmination of every bad Super Sonic final boss the entire series has had. It's overdesigned, visually cluttered, has "helpful" ""tips"" chirping in your ear every five seconds, has a Zelda/Pokemon-like low health chime when you dip down to even 30 rings, and has a whole bunch of extra commands that are effectively worthless when the entire fight boils down to holding down the X button and dodging objects for two to five minutes.

It is, in its purest essence, a 3D version of Doomsday Zone. Except unlike Sonic 3 & Knuckles, this isn't fresh and new and unique, this is the same formula the series has done for 17 years.

Please, Sega. I get wanting your magical glowy death powerup to be the lynchpin to a final confrontation, but this isn't how to make a climax. Please consider what you can do to make the final bosses in Mania and Forces not suck eggs like this. You've got literally every other part of the formula ironed out.

it doesn't even have the cheesy, hype-as-shit buttrock

Cullen Age: Inquisition

Jul. 25th, 2017 02:31 pm
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I had to reinstall Dragon Age: Inquisition and re-familiarize myself with modding. I'd forgotten about the dreaded NVIDIA crash problem, but I think I found the same fix I used when the game came out. It took a while to get everything modded and going (and gameplay is still dodgy until I fine-tune the settings), but it was worth it.

I've been good about snagging mods whenever I see them, even if I'm not actively playing, because stuff disappears from the Nexus sometimes. So I have a robust collection of Cullen mods but I wasn't sure how many I could combine without having to cobble together a mod of my own. There were apparently some issues with Original Recipe Cullen that freeze the game, but I was able to combine Tight Curls, Tired Commander, and Former Knight-Commander. So after some fiddling we have:

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When the scene loaded with tight curls my eyes started watering. I am a stan and this is proof, ISTG, I want to fucking die right now. The modding community is such a gift. I also gave him chest hair so maybe now the Wicked Grace scene will be bearable (ahem).

In the realm of tentative possibility, I'd like to either be able to incorporate both the fuller DA2-style beard and Tired Commander eyes into one complexion OR pull the complexion from Original Recipe Cullen. ORC causes my game to hang, so I'd have to unpack the complexion. shutterbones has not responded to requests for separate complexion/hair mods and I know it's possible but I wasn't able to figure it out just by messing with the tools or scanning the forum. I think I need a pre-1.0 version of the mod maker. Until I learn how to extract textures from a .daimod file none of the above is going anywhere.

In the realm of no possibility, the only other thing I can think to add are battle skirts and a redesign of his outfit is beyond me. Former Knight-Commander is a good compromise. Oh, and I'd love to add the templar tattoo we used to joke about to his bicep or butt cheek. Cullen needs a regret tat. That's going into Precipice, stat. Ugh send help help heeeelp.

(As an aside, watching the cut scenes after so long reminds me how stiff actors are in Frostbite. Considering what a PITA rigging apparently is, I think the close-interaction scenes turned out as well as they could have and it's clear they put effort into making them as smooth as possible.)

Dishonored 2 III

Jul. 24th, 2017 07:25 pm
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I finished Dishonored 2. It's a great sequel. It has clever level design and some of my actions in-game affected the game world in a way I didn't anticipate. I'm a little underwhelmed by the ending, which is a brief epilogue that doesn't resolve much, leaving things open for the third game.

Like, the ending was maybe a minute and the ending credits were closer to 10 minutes? That's how it felt, anyway. I think we should have at least gotten an individual slide for each target based on whether they lived or died. I think there are about 4 titles you can get at the end, I got Emily the Just (non-lethal) and Emily the Clever (apparently I was ghostly enough).

There is a plus game feature that allows you to retain your runes and unlocks all the powers for purchase, which is cool. As with the first game, I immediately wanted to do a high chaos run, and then a few hours later... kinda didn't. Partly because 30+ hours is already a lot of quality time with roofs, and partly because I'm not super interested in fucking everything up, which is what the high chaos run ostensibly does. I like discovery a lot, so I enjoy finding new places I missed the first go around, but there are sections of the game that I don't enjoy retreading. I prefer interiors and don't like the open areas and rooftops as much.

Now spoiley )

Now cheevy. Not really spoilery but whatever. )

Something I found interesting is 25% of players beat the game with Emily and 17% beat it with Corvo. I think the fact that the game starts from Emily's POV probably helps. 80% actually play it, and it's hard to tell by the cheevs but I'm gonna say 30% beat it at least once.
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When we last left our intrepid heroine, she had relentlessly mocked Team Magma (Did you know humans stand on the land? It's true!) and moved on to Mauville City.
It's a giant mall! )
See you next time!
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So Albion ([personal profile] davidn) just put out a demo release of their new album “Buried Souls”! It's a power metal tribute to Undertale. (I know they've described it as “power metal trapped in an Amiga” before, but I think there's been some stylistic evolution since then… I wouldn't mind being corrected on this? Is there a new official way to word this?)

They've done some neat music before. We haven't gotten a chance to listen to the demo ourselves yet, because everything's been too jammed, but if you like that sort of thing, go give it a listen. The full album is supposed to be coming out in early 2018. ^..^

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It is almost impossible for me to overstate how suspicious I was of Kemono Friends at first, thanks to the current landscape of anime.

An anime with an all-girl cast airing late at night ("Otaku-o-clock") with obvious mysteries surrounding the landscape and identity of one of the primary characters, with nebulous monsters involved? And it's all sweet and innocent and gentle, to the point where critics were calling it "mind-sapping" or "intelligence-draining"? Yeah.

I was 99% sure this would be a cunning trap designed to lure in viewers and punch them in the face with "deconstructions" and "oh look everything you loved about this show was secretly evil and gross haha".

Kemono Friends never does that.

What looks sweet and gentle stays sweet and gentle through the whole thing. The mysteries are tied up well but just vaguely enough there's an opening for a season 2. All through the 12 episode run, it remains a Nice Show about cheerful anime-furry girls. Every one of them is a Friend. However, there's this new girl. She doesn't know what animal she is, but she's very good at solving problems. What kind of Friend could she be?

It is not perfect. The fact is, this is a tie-in show to a mobile phone game that was canceled before the show came out. They basically just handed some 3D rendering software to a VERY small animation studio and went "Whatever, do what you like."

Visually, this is ratty-looking. Vehicle wheels will forget to spin, Friends will skip along the top of the grass instead of walking on the ground, the action scenes are mostly just big jumps, characters "fly" like they're being click-dragged across a Windows desktop and one character (Plains Zebra Friend) in the background of a shot was so poorly rendered the fanart imageboard tag for her is "Savannah Striped Giant Slug".

So it doesn't look great and it's chirpily sugar-sweet, but... I feel like this show just has so much heart. Somebody cared, and that snowballed. Kemono Friends has a loving sense of humor, it treats its characters with respect. It knows what to leave unsaid. The big moments it has are predictable but treated without irony or a wink to the audience. It's earnest and I loved it.

It's still really clearly for kids (WHAT was this doing in a late-night time slot?!) but I enjoyed it as a weird furry adult, and I'm not alone. Kemono Friends was a smash Japanese hit, to the point where not only will there be a season 2, there will also be a new mobile phone game, one based on the anime this time.

It honestly warms my heart to see that happen. I look forward to season 2.

(If you're going to try it, please note episode 1 is maybe the weakest and reflects -all- the problems I mentioned. By episode 3 and 4, the series has hit its stride and if those do nothing, it's worth moving on.)

Buried Souls - demo version release!

Jul. 22nd, 2017 06:15 pm
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I haven't even posted all the songs from The Poison Skies yet, and another album is well on its way! Here's the demo version of the upcoming Albion release Buried Souls, with the first two tracks as well as some clips from the rest of the album.

I was seriously floored when the artwork landed in my inbox this morning - it's by the amazing MylaFox. I found her by chance through her artwork on Tumblr, and knew she had to be the artist for the album as soon as I saw her wonderful Undertale artwork. She's an amazing artist, has had great enthusiasm for the project and she really captured exactly what was in my head.

Enjoy the intro and title track - the rest should be coming by the start of 2018.
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The DAI replay feels have become intense (thanks a lot guys), and I am valiantly resisting because Dishonored and also, this is the sort of game I have to block out a month on my schedule.

It's been long enough that I'm kinda hazy on my strategy beyond knowing that I want to pick the templars because I like their storyline better. (Dutifully accepting this makes me a hideous monster who should be stoned but can settle for praying for death. At least I know my options.)

I have decided BioWare can do whatever they want with the romances in DA4 because Josephine and Cullen's romances are honestly a gift and from here on I will happily embrace whatever dramalama they wish to throw at me. I am really interested in Sera and Solas and it looks like the Multiple Romance Mod has made good progress, but I may end up making divergent saves just because I'm so paranoid about conflicts, especially in Trespasser, not to mention they probably both have very different approval gains. In the past waiting to trigger advisor romances just before Wicked Hearts was a good strategy, not just for the pacing but for limiting the amount of content to re-replay, but for party characters I think I actually have to target their approval early on. IIRC I tried to trigger Solas' my first PT but I think I did something to block it early in the game and that was annoying. Sometimes the Solasmancers on Tumblr circulate new interesting details about Solas using flycam and whatnot, and each time I see those posts I'm like I gotta play through it, man. Hurt me good.

For the dozenth time, I really wish this game had a story mode, because I'm genuinely interested in playing through Blackwall's romance as well but these games are so damn long. I have already [mostly] done a completionist playthrough, but even totally skipping collections and non-main areas, IDK. The maps are fun to explore and they're huge. 45 hours for a main storyline PT? There doesn't appear to be a mod that offers story mode unless you auto-level your characters so you can cut a swath through everything. Maybe the fly mod will help.
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In the very early AM, when the sky is dark, a friend tosses me an egg. I tuck the egg carefully in position behind the plant-lizard, masked seed bulb, mushroom, fluffpuppy and green lumpy thing and run around in tight circles for a while to give it a start at hatching. Then I go to bed.

When I wake up, the power is out. It takes me another day to get this update finished.

Good morning, everyone. I'm playing Pokemon Omega Ruby, and it's time to Dewford Town. ... do Dew... Dodew... go forward to D... township of Dewforwarding...

We're going into Dewford Town okay. This pun was poorly thought out.
Just get in here. )
It is beautiful and heaven help me, I want to move in. Next time, we'll explore if that's an option. (I am guessing no.)
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So! Remember when I said this:

"It is while doing this gym that Mint starts trying to evolve. I have JUST ENOUGH Pokemon knowledge to whap the B button a couple times and stop him. If I don't evolve him, he'll learn a cool move. I'll explain why in a different post, it's not just that I want him small and cute forever, I promise." today's post? Well, we're at that different post now.
This is a sidebar, and you can skip it but I think it's interesting. )
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When we left Lime, she was parked outside Rustboro City. In we go!
The adventure continues. )
With that it's back to zip across the sea to Dewford Town, which is where we'll pick up next time. Please look forward to it!
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Last time, we got things off and rolling and I was a bit surprised by the narrative structure of this particular game. By which I mean - so far there isn't much of one. By now in Pokemon Y we had been introduced to some distinct characters and given a heartwarming speech or two about free will from Professor Hug-Me.

Maybe we'll get a speech and/or a hug later. I've never played original Ruby, Sapphire, or Emerald. I dunno any specifics about what's coming.

Onward. )
See you next time, as Lime and Mint challenge their first gym. Are they prepared? Ahahaha I have no idea.
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Greetings, loved ones. As you may be aware I recently climbed into a bright yellow bucket and rode it down a deep dark pit into Pokemon Hell, which is where certain kinds of adults go when they are bad and another very different kind of adults go when they are on vacation.

I am the latter.

I figure... I'm back in the fandom hard. I installed the Collectable Card Game client on my PC and I've been muddling with that some against the AI. I've been glancing thoughtfully at the anime. I've even considered looking up some scans of Pokemon Special, AKA "That manga where everything is batshit insane".

Y'all have no idea how long I have spent looking up fanart of SPECIFIC SCENES in PMD: Explorers of Sky on like Pixiv or whatever and just letting my excess empathy splash down my face in the form of SOBBING AND WHIMPERING.

It's time for me to just go ahead, relax, and do another Pokemon playblog. Sorry guys. Pokemon Hell demands my sacrifice.

I always say I'm gonna keep these blogs short and then blurting out like the entire life history of random NPCs, but I really am gonna TRY to do a fairly low-effort cruise through my game of choice: Pokemon Omega Ruby. (SPOILER FROM THE FUTURE: I failed in the first entry, but maybe I'll shut up more as time goes on.)

Good friend of sqrls Alicia gifted me Pokemon Moon recently and I DO need to play through that (hopefully before Ultra Sun/Moon come out) but I haven't done Omega Ruby yet and it's been on the shelf long enough. (I hadn't even broken the plastic before now.)

If you're not familiar with it, Omega Ruby is the remake of "Pokemon Ruby", which was the start of Generation 3 of Pokemon. I have no strong feelings about generations. I love all the pokemon, even gloriously ridiculous ones like Honchkrow have a place in my heart.

That said, this one was made after the focus of my previous gameblog, Pokemon Y and so contains data for every little monster that was in THAT game. I could drop some Pokemon into Y via the Bank application, breed myself up a small army, drop the eggs to whoever I end up playing in OR and go through the game with a ridiculous team.

(Incidentally, remember I was surprised about 92 hours in PMD: Explorers? Try 130-ish hours in Pokemon Y. This series, guys, geez.)

Will I? I do not know. I'm really open to anything here, I'm just looking to have a good time. That's what Pokemon is for, isn't it? Still, a journey of a thousand scampering little creatures begins with a single step. Now that I've yammered for like a page and a half...
Let's get started. )
NOW IS THE BEGINNING OF A FANTASTIC JOURNEY -- I'm really looking forward to it. We'll see if I can keep my notes any shorter next time. Sorry, everybody!
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Oh where do I even start...

Explorers of Sky is another in the Mystery Dungeon series, so you can expect a nigh-fetishistic focus on exploring randomly generated dungeons populated with dangerous pokemon. Your character is a member of a guild of explorers, adventurers who sally into the unknown to discover new lands or chase down outlaws normal pokemon are too distressed or weak to deal with. As hybrid defenders of justice and mappers of the realm, you'll be shuttled around from dungeon to dungeon, recruiting new pokemon and collecting items to help you survive.

I chose to name my partner-to-be "Wattson", as he was a Shinx, an electric-type pokemon. Ahaha it is a joke. And then, running with it, I chose "Sqrllock" as my Eevee stand-in's name and we became Team Deduction.

By the end of the game I was treating these two like a married couple and the game was doing NOTHING to put me off the idea. Actual Sherlock shippers would be side-eyeing me like "Whoa there dial it back a couple ticks?" but NO I WILL NOT. Horrible plot things would happen and these two little fluffs would assure each other that they cared for one another and would never give up or surrender, never let a moment of doubt come between them. I mean, geez, normally I would be off drooling over other pokemon because I'm a goddamn furry but in this particular case no. Aside from one special guest star who stole my heart and a trio of charming explorers I was faithful to my chosen partner the whole way through the game.

Also, the Mystery Dungeon series is where you go to get punched in the heart by masters of the Emotional Heart-Punch Combat School of Creative Writing. If I wasn't breaking down in heaving great emotional sobs at some tragic twist of fate I was getting all teary-eyed over the Power of Friendship. There are lines in here I'll never forget, the context around them is too meaningful, too powerful.

"It's just not possible for either of you to be unwanted in this world."

I'm sorry, I broke like glass.

Now, all that said...

I spent -ninety two hours- on this game.

I don't DO THAT.

Like, unless it's an MMO or something, I am usually OUT by hour 30 or 40. So I was SUCKED IN. You know why I stopped playing it, after 92 hours? Because I have ordered the sequel, Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon, and I want to play THAT without suffering burnout. I am so hungry for this game I bought a second game to keep gorging myself on.

Maybe it's a sign that I am a jumbo-sized baby person, I don't know. What I do know is I desperately needed this game. I needed it to exist and I needed to play it.

(Also, now that I've read her post, Celine wrote something very similar to what I did when SHE finished it. Makes sense since we talked the HELL out of this game on IM. Like, hours and hours of picky scene-by-scene analysis. If I have become trashy fandom sludge it is her fault.)

This game reignited my Pokemon spirit. Expect to see a lot more Pokemon for a while -- I am seriously considering an Omega Ruby gameblog.
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♪ hmm hm-hm hmm hmm hmm ♪

@desc #1=so wizbit. much administrative. wow

Can you guess why? Guesses in comments if you want to. (It's a patched ProtoMUCK.)


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