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Because apparently people are actually using Dreamwidth now that we're all here. And I'm a writer. And I have a couple situations where the word I always use for them is wrong, but these are situations that come up a lot and it'd be really nice to have a word for them. Maybe you can help!

1) Basically the mood of this icon. Been dealing with too much for too long, at wits' end. The full context of the panel this crop is from: King Koopa and Lemmy are having a "Are you sure you know where this water main is?" conversation, the exact dialogue is responding to the previous panel's assurances with "You said that the last ten times!" (Lemmy in the background: "But since I've blown away all the other sections, this has to be it! I'll use four bombs on this one!") I originally entitled this icon "Exasperation" but later found that implies more annoyance and irritation over whatever they'll apparently never stop having to deal with, whereas I'm looking for more of a vague stressed "oh God" reaction.

2) My Splice post reminded me of this, because its later levels definitely induced it in me and that was one of the problems I had with that game. Is there a word for when there's just too much to process on the screen at once and you get overwhelmed? Think Tohou-style bullet hell games or those impossibly fast endgame DDR songs. "I can't play that game; once it get to the point where there were hundreds of arrows on the screen I just get _____ and kind of go o_o and my brain shuts down." I'm used to saying snow-blind but that's clearly wrong. Other metaphors/references like that welcome, if there's a good one.
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