Apr. 28th, 2017

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Someone please explain to me why I've spent the better part of this week painstakingly designing (and sometimes kicking ideas around and co-designing) Mega Man X fangame bosses.

I mean, I know why; I was made aware of the existence of Mega Man X Corrupted, and the boss list (click "Villians") seemed like kind of a letdown to me. Subsequent conversation about it with [personal profile] xyzzysqrl led me down the road of "okay but what kind of bosses would I like to see in my theoretical game" and my imagination sort of took off from there.

But why.

Like, obviously I don't know the first thing about actual game creation and I'm not going to learn an entirely new medium and start a years-long creative endeavor just for a Mega Man X fan game. I knew that this wasn't going anywhere even as I started brainstorming. And yet I somehow wound up with a full roster of eight bosses, including how their weapons work, the full loop of which ones are weak to which weapons, and even some stage and boss battle ideas and their character backstories, the beginnings of an overall plot (needs work obviously) and a couple endings....

Apparently I don't have enough for my imagination to do while I'm at work, nor do I have enough to do with any of the actual stories I'm supposed to be working on.

The life of a... me, I guess. (In my defense, the ideas we came up with are pretty cool at least.)

Also, six of the eight bosses started off as a conversational IM wisecracks like "So what would a bird be weak against, anyway?" "... Windows?" "Ha, ha. Smartass. ... Wait. Shit. Make it mirrors and this could actually work...." And seven of them are still better furbait than most of MMXC.


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