Apr. 9th, 2017

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After beating this game as Mega Man just yesterday I said I'd put this one on the back-burner for a while, maybe come back and go through it again as the freshly unlocked alternate character, and do another complete entry when I did.

Then I accidentally Civilization "just one more level"-ed my way through the entire game. Oops.

Compared to Mega Man, the other character is an absolute game breaker, and intentionally so. This isn't meant to be another challenge. It's meant as... if anyone ever watches RoahmMythril's Mega Man perfect run YouTube videos, sometimes he'll struggle a lot on a certain stage because of his self-imposed buster only/no damage rules, then get fed up and go back and just outright slaughter everything with the special weapons to blow off steam between takes, usually while cackling madly and shouting "REVENGE!! SWEET [special weapon]-Y REVENGE!!"

The unlockable MMU character plays kind of like that.

He kind of does the Final Fantasy Dark Knight thing where all his attacks including his default regular weapon cast from hit points. On the other hand, to make up for this, they all have a vampirism effect where he regains life by damaging enemies. The weapons also tend to ignore enemy mercy invincibility and hit multiple times per swipe, so losing 1 HP to swing your sword for about 5 hits (and get 5 HP back) is a very good trade. He also plays sort of like Zero from Mega Man X4 wherein he learns special abilities from fallen bosses instead of new actual weapons, and in this case the vast majority of them are defensive/utility (double jump, air dash, etc.) By the end, you have two actual weapons (plus special moves) which you mostly switch between depending on whether you need to hit one thing far away or a cloud of things (or just Crissaegrim a boss) up close. You don't need more than that because boss weaknesses aren't really a thing; every boss is weak against every attack you have.

Basically, what I'm saying is that this is Mega Man meets Guncaster. You almost never have to worry about losing a straight up fight with anyone. (Okay, some did take multiple tries, but most didn't.)

You do, however, still have to worry about spikes and bottomless pits and whatnot, which is where the vast majority of my deaths came from. His entire playstyle encourages rampant aggression, literally rewarding you for blindly rushing in like a whirlwind of death (no enemies stand a chance against you and that's how you refill your life.) You almost forget you're still mortal at times, and then you end up paying for your carelessness in Rainbow Man's stage.

Still, hiccups like that aside, mwahaha.

After working on my Mega Man file for months, I breezed through this character's run in a day because it felt good. It was mad-cackling fun to get my RoahmMythril-y revenge on this game, and I also feel accomplished because now I really am done with it can take it off the list entirely rather than having that feeling of "yeah but there's still that other run someday..." haunting even a tiniest corner of the back of my mind. The unlockable character took that feeling and slashed it into millions of ribbons in one attack like he was the guy from Metal Gear Revengeance. It was completely over the top and awesome.


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